Who doesn’t love Coffee?


I am a coffee fanatic and of course I had to get a picture in front of this cute mural. You guys are not going to believe how much I got this for. I was on the coast this summer in Biloxi and I went to the mall during tax free weekend. I walked into Bella Rose Boutique and found this dress for $5… can you BELIEVE THAT? They had a huge rack full of stuff and I probably walked out of there with 6-7 good finds. You will find the CUTEST clothes while shopping in there, so if you ever get the chance..GO!

My shoes you can find at Nordstrom, specifically Kristen Cavallari. I love the suede feeling and they are super comfortable to walk in which I know as girls we always have that problem.

Everyone have a good Tuesday !

Lots of Love,

Trendy Kenzie



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