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“Life is better with confetti”

Happy Monday lovely people! You are probably wondering why there is a a vast amount of confetti & why I have a cupcake in my hand. Well this weekend was a very exciting one for me because I have finally hit 2K on my Instagram : @trendykenziee . This might not be a lot right now but to me it’s everything. I started at the end of October last year and let me tell you.. blogging is actually really hard work. Two of the most important things I have learned through this process is to stay consistent and BE YOURSELF. Time is key and nothing will happen over-night. I’ve had to tell myself these words plenty of times when I have become discouraged. If you love to do something & you put your heart and soul into it you will see an AMAZING outcome. Slowly but surely.

Senior year of high school I retired the only hobby/sport I had ever known… Competitive Cheerleading. That was my life for 18 years and something I loved deeply. 7 days a week practices were the norm with the people I grew up with. Feeling that tingling anxious feeling before you hit the floor for 2 minutes and 30 seconds was one of the most crazy feelings I’ve ever felt. But when you hear them call your name for winning a National Championship & Worlds.. man… now that is one thing you will never forget and it’s hard to explain to others. Seeing your dream come true right in-front of your eyes, all that dedication and hard work you put into for all of those years finally paid off. I admit writing about this is even hard because I miss it so much and I’m not going to lie every time I go back and watch videos I actually cry because it was a part of me lol. My point from all that rambling is that blogging has become the next chapter of my life. I treat it just like I did when I was cheering competitvely for all those years. Stay consistent. Hit that milestone. Strive for that goal. Be yourself. If you don’t succeed the first time, try again.

I want to thank all of you guys for being so supportive as I continue this journey. Nothing makes me more happy than seeing my dream come true! Love all of you & btw these jammies are only $15 😉


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  1. 4.17.18

    I love this so much girl! Blogging is hard work and I treat it like a business and there’s some days where I want to give up but this post has really encouraged me and to keep doing what I love (: Thanks so much Kenzie!