We went on a cruise!


So let me start of by saying WOW. This was one of the best trips I have ever been on. 8 days in the Caribbean with my special person was the best!

We chose to cruise Carnival and left out of Port Canaveral. Out of all the cruise lines I have been on Carnival has been the best. The staff is super friendly and they plan to make sure you have a great time every single second of the day. Here are the places we visited ordered our favorite to least favorite

  • St.Kitts – This island was GORGEOUS. Right when we got off the ship we knew it was going to be so much fun. The locals were so sweet to us . We did not have an excursion planned but we ended up getting out cheap and going on a tour. We paid $25 each and that was the best $25 i’d ever spent. Our tour guide was hilarious and he took us all around the island…to the gardens, rainforests, and the beach. It was an open bar every time we got off the bus. We even got to have a little fun with a monkey. We were able to see the entire island within a few hours. I know forsure we will be back here.
  • Dominican Republic – This was our last stop on our voyage and it was so beautiful ! We docked in Amber Cove which is about 20 minutes from Puerta Plata. We did a tour for a very cheap price. We got to see the main city and end the day on a very gorgeous beach. I wouldn’t mind coming back.
  • Grand Turk- This is probably tied with Dominican Republic. Grand Turk was a great first stop. The water was crystal clear blue and we booked a sail and snorkel catameran through Carnival. This excursion was our favorite. We got to see so many beautiful fish and they had an open bar through the four hours we were on the boat. The workers made it so fun and this was definitely an adventure to remember.
  • San Juan – The city of San Juan was very colorful and pretty. We went on a tour but felt like there wasn’t a whole lot to see. The fortresses were beautiful but we felt. bad because they were just impacted by a hurricane. But it is AMAZING to know how many people are over there helping clean up and get back on track.

Tips if you are going on a cruise:

  • Take advantage of the 1 bottle of wine/champagne per person because it can get expensive!
  • Go to all the events on the ship and get your moneys worth
  • Pack ya sunscreen!
  • Bring extra cash!
  • Park in the cruise terminal so you do not have to deal with worrying about if you are going to check-in on time


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