Walt Disney World During Covid + Outfit Roundup

Happy Sunday!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I’ve been receiving so many questions about Walt Disney World during Covid-19 and I wanted to pop on here to express my thoughts with a short Q&A!

Question: Should I still go during Covid?

Answer: ABSOLUTELY. I promise the “magic” is still here even while having to wear a mask. There are pros & cons either way!

Question: Do I have to wear a mask the whole time and is it miserable?

Answer: Yes you do, except when sitting down at a table! At first I had no clue what to think about it or how it would be (especially in Florida heat), but I will say it’s NOT THAT BAD. I was completely comfortable wearing one in the parks and you are constantly walking in & out of rides with ac which helps a ton. They will not let you take it off for pictures unless you are standing stationary eating (that’s how I got my cotton candy picture lol). Aside from eating, they have designated regions for you to take your masks off and just chill.

Question: How are the wait times + crowds?

Answer: This is the best part of going during this time. Usually, we have to get up early to get to the parks but recently we didn’t get to the parks until 12pm. We were able to ride everything and be done by 5pm. Crazy right? No waits, and the signs that say “10 minutes”, usually it takes ten minutes to walk to the ride lol. Let me put it this way… we hopped right on Avatar flight of passage.

Overall, I would suggest booking or keeping your trip to Disney this year. They will do everything to make sure your trip is still magical!

linking a few outfits from last weeks trip below!

Linking Ears + Mask
skirt // top // shoes
velvet dress // ears // sunglasses
pink t-shirt dress
Beaded Bracelets



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