The Necessity


Top: H&M // Jeans : A&E // Boots: Similar // Earrings: H&M

Everyone has colors they like & dislike. Some may love to wear the color yellow for instance, others may not. For me I have had that contemplation for years with many different colors. My natural hair color believe it or not is brown. As you can tell from my roots growing in lol. I’ve been maintaining this ombre look for quite some time now & haven’t dyed my hair since last August ( I am trying to make it healthier) lol.

Anyways, Ive been debating what color scheme to stick with over the last few weeks for my Instagram. My problem is that I LOVE bright colors like aqua blues & reds. But after looking through my closet I’ve noticed I have more neutrals and pinks more than anything. Therefore, I am taking the challenge to stick to those at least until summer comes around. But don’t be surprised when I happen to sneak in a bright color outfit one day because I just can’t hold back!!  But lets get to today’s outfit…

This top is from H&M and under $15, as well as the earrings which are super cute so you should definitely click on them to check them out. Black turtlenecks have become an obsession of mine and pairing it with these white jeans makes it pop.

Shop here for the look 🙂

Have a lovely week!



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