Spring Break : Mickey Ears Style


Shoes: Converse // Jeans: 7 for all mankind // Jacket: Similar // Necklace: Amazon // Ears: Etsy // Suitcase: Target

Ya’ll I can’t contain my excitement. Today was the last day of classes and all I could think about was how I have so much stuff to do & pack etc for Disney World. My friends & I are extremely happy to finally get to go to Orlando after many days of counting down. I have been to Disney more times I can count from cheer nationals to random day trips. But I absolutely never get tired of it. I guess I will always have that “Little Kid” part of me.

Funny story… when I was a freshman in high school my high school cheer team was dedicated on going on Tower of Terror if we ended up winning nationals & wearing our jackets backwards for the picture it takes dropping down. Well, we ended up winning and I completely conquered my fears of that ride . Ya’ll I was literally terrified lol. I am for sure going to try every ride this year and not leave each park until I do! Bringing back the old saying ” You only live once”.

Now, lets chit-chat about this outfit. First off ,these ears are adorable & I usually buy them off Etsy before I go to Disney. There are thousands of designs to choose from on their website! Besides ears, a pair of converse is always a necessity too when going to Disney, but make sure you wear socks otherwise your feet will start to hurt a lot. These stand out to me because they are pink velvet & so unique. The jeans I am wearing are the perfect destroyed style. I got these when they were on sale but it’s always good to invest in something that you will wear a lot.

Anyway, when I get back I will review my trip for you guys so you can know what to do, what not to do , etc. Thank you for reading 🙂

I hope everyone has a great Spring Break no matter where you are going!


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