Our Honeymoon in Vail

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After 3 canceled honeymoon trips in the Caribbean due to Covid, we decided to head back to one of our favorite cozy travel destinations in the mountains of Vail, Colorado. We figured next spring we would try again for our tropical getaway and for now settle on something more familiar. Last year, we went at the end of October before ski season started and Vail was covered in snow. You can read all about our 2019 trip here. This time the weather was beautiful and around 50-65 degrees. We saw the end of all the fall foliage and I’ve never seen such yellow trees in my life!

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Grand Hyatt Vail – We stayed here on our last trip as well and it never gets old. The town of Vail is snuggled in between tons of mountains and trees so you feel as if you are in a whole different country, especially with the different accents lol. Grand Hyatt Vail is one of the only “ski-in, ski-out” resorts which means you can literally get on the gondola a few steps away from your room. CRAZY RIGHT? I’m sure this place is packed when ski season is in full swing. The rooms are very spacious and we ended up getting the deluxe mountain view (mainly for the balcony & soaking tub). No shame in saying I took a bubble bath every single day after a long hike haha. They also have a restaurant, huge lounge areas, and a bar on site. Justin and I ended up eating breakfast at the hotel a couple days and indulging in all of the cheese boards & champagne at night. They have special activities for the kids and adults as well throughout the week. I hope one day we can get our family out there because it’s truly a breathtaking place that words cannot even describe.

iced lavender latte
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Southwestern Benedict at Vintage Vail
Big Bear Bistro in Vail Village
Cheese Board at the Grand Hyatt Vail
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We tried so many new places this trip and I was so excited we did so I could share all the reviews for you guys! First let’s start with breakfast.

Breakfast & Coffee

  • Vintage Vail – I don’t mean to be a little dramatic but HOLY MOLY THE BEST BREAFKAST I’VE EVER HAD. First off, the restaurant is stunning and perfect for all of those candid pictures. Second, the mimosas & Southwestern Benedict are to die for. I am a huge Benedict fan (basically order it wherever I can for brunch) and this was one of the best I’ve ever had. If you love queso fresco like me… order it you won’t be disappointed.
  • Yeti’s Grind – This place is snuggled in the circle of Vail Village and has one of best iced lavender lattes and pastries if you want something on-the-go.
  • The Little Diner Vail – This place is packed but I can understand why. My aunt recommended us to come here at some point and the food was delicious. Of course I had Eggs Benedict , but the side of hash browns were nothing like I’ve tasted before which made them so yummy! We sat at the bar watching the cooks make everyones breakfast which was really neat.
  • Big Bear Bistro – Nestled in the back of Vail Village, this bistro is perfect if you want something fast and super affordable for the quality of the food. Justin and I had a couple breakfast sandwiches and coffee one day!
  • Starbucks – There’s a supermarket called ” Safeway” in Vail and a couple days before we went on our hikes we went to go grab a few egg bites & iced coffee!


  • Garfinkels – Garfinkels is located in Lionshead Village. We came here last year when it was a blizzard outside and it was so fun to relax and watch the snow fall down. We always get a few drinks and nachos!
  • Vail Brewing Company – We went here after we grabbed a bite to eat one day (perfect for an afternoon) and had a couple beers. It’s always so fun tasting new ones you’ve never tried before. The one I wanted to try “pumpkin beer” sold out right before we got there… but there’s always next time!

Lunch was super iffy, we would eat a late breakfast and wouldn’t be hungry until dinner!


Elway’s Vail – If you’re looking for a “fancy” dinner night than this is your place! Some of the most kind staff and yummiest food. I had steak and mashed potatoes of course & Justin had their chicken plate! They asked if we were celebrating anything and we told them we just got married! We ended up with a free appetizer & dessert! So sweet of them.

Pepi’s Vail – This is just a German restaurant you keep coming back to. We went last year and our last night in Vail this year. If you want an affordable dinner and good drinks to hang out, stop by Pepi’s!

Local Joes Pizza – One night after a hike we decided to grab pizza to-go and hangout back at the hotel for the night. Really good pizza and would be perfect after a long day of hiking or skiing!!

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Outfit Details
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We relaxed a BUNCH on this trip & also went on a few hikes!

Hiking Trails

  • Booth Falls Trail – 4.2 moderate trail near Vail and the ending was breathtaking. If you want to go farther you can hike to Booth Lake! Justin & I used an app called “All Trails” and you can see where you are when you are hiking! Which comes in super handy when you start saying “Are we there yet?” lol. Be sure to bring water and the right shoes.
  • Shrine Ridge Trail – 4.3 moderate trail about 15 minutes from Vail. This one was so different than the other and Justin was so excited at the end to see a mountain goat trying to climb down the rocks! The view was AMAZING.
  • Scenic Drives- We ended up driving to Battle Mountain to see a couple overlooks. Yes it was scary driving up if you aren’t used to that elevation, but so cool! Whatever you do, just make sure you get a 4WD rental car. We’ve had one the last two times and I don’t know how we would’ve survived without it lol.
  • Relaxed by the heated pool & hot tub – Luckily this time around the Grand Hyatt had their pool open after remodeling and it felt so good to relax and relieve all of the wedding planning stress from a few weeks before.
  • Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre – This scenic drive & view is breathtaking. It’s actually on the outskirts of Denver and we decided to make a quick trip before going home. One day, we hope to visit again and see a live concert. I can’t imagine how great the sound is!

If I think of anything else I will definitely be adding it to this post. We always enjoy our trips to Colorado and I hope my post can help someone do the same! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!





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