Nordstrom : Stay At Home Favorites

Nordstrom Favorites:

Hey guys! I know working at home is becoming the new norm right now, so I wanted to share a few Nordstrom favorites of mine in the last few days.

  1. Pink robe – These are such a great option to cozy up in while making morning coffee & checking emails. I’m always looking to find a good robe that’s not too heavy or too thin
  2. Pink joggers – Pair this set with a thin white v-neck to get the ultimate cozy #ootd
  3. Pink jade roller – Skincare is a huge important aspect of my morning and nightly routine. I use a jade roller almost every night before going to bed and in my opinion it basically is a “skin gym” for your face.
  4. Pink lounge set – This set is in my cart currently. Hopefully they will re-stock in all sizes soon, but it looks SO COMFY.
  5. Floral pajama set – Pajama sets under $45 are my jam. This one is so pretty for the season of spring!
  6. Relax” pink slippers – I have sooo many pairs of slippers that I go through yearly. They are the first thing I put on when getting out of bed for my morning routine.
  7. Silk pillow case – I currently do not have a silk pillowcase but I have heard so many great things about them.
  8. Candle – If you are a candle person like me, you know how often candles last in our household lol.
  9. Blue light glasses – Okay guys, these are a MUST if you are on your phone + laptop majority of the day. They block the blue light rays coming from your devices and prevent eye damage.
  10. Skin pudding – All about the skincare people! Give your skin a good moisturize with this skin pudding!

Hope you guys enjoy!



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