My Top Fitness Goals for 2019

Hoodie / Sneakers / Sunnies / Leggings / Pop-socket

Happy Monday guys!

Love ya self & take a selfie hehe. Today marked the first last day of school. The last first day EVER. It feels like these past 4 years has flown by. Not so much the 17 years all together lol. Can you take a guess of how many hours I am taking?…… 21!! Your girl is determined to graduate that’s all I can say.

Today’s #ootd is something comfy & casual. This Adidas hoodie is one of my new favorites! It’s so light weight and perfect for weather in the 60’s & below. These sneakers I’M LIVING in & guess what? They are made with cloud foam. If you don’t know what that is then girl you better find out. SO COMFORTABLE. LOVE THEM.

As we all know, 2019 calls for new goals and resolutions. So, I wanted to chat with you guys about some of my upcoming fitness goals for this year.

  1. Orange Theory 5 times a week ( I will do an entire blog post on Orange Theory soon. This workout has become one of my favorites to do but also gives the most motivation in my opinion. When I went three times a week I noticed a difference so I am looking forward to expanding to a couple more days of the week).
  2. Eat out less, cook more meals ( I plan on limiting myself a lot this year with my favorite foods & drinks, that includes cheese dip, french fries, & sweet tea lol. Eating healthier makes me feel better as a person so cooking and finding healthy recipes is in my books. In fact, I already have a recipe to cook tonight for a healthy casserole. YUMMY.
  3. Lastly, treat yoga as a best friend ( A couple years ago I was super happy with myself and my yoga routine. Not only did I notice a difference in my body but a difference in my mental health. I was less anxious, less stressed out, basically just more at peace from day-to-day. I plan on getting back into that routine this year.)

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