How I Pack For Trips

Helloooo gals!

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I will be traveling to Orlando, FL this week. Take a hard guess if you don’t.. Disney World! Ya’ll I am such a kid at heart. I booked this trip back in January because I knew it would be a huge stress reliever after my last semester of college. Packing can be its own stress but I’m here to help if you have an upcoming trip planned or you are in desperate need for tips.

  1. Plan and Write your outfits down

I used to be the girl to throw literally everything in my suitcase (half of it I didn’t need) thinking I would wear every single item. WRONG. My packing was always overboard but then I figured out the method of writing down outfits to keep myself organized throughout the trip. I will think in my head each day what I want to wear and write down that outfit (accessories and all) in my planner. Once I finish planning every day on my trip, I make a checklist so that when I am packing I can check each item off. This is so beneficial because it gives you more space to bring souvenirs home and creates less stress when determining what to wear on a certain day of your trip!

2. Take pictures in your outfits

Yes, I know this sounds silly. When I plan my outfits, I try on each one to style it the way I want it to look in pictures. I then take my iPhone and take a quick photo so that I will have it with me on my trip. You can create an album, say for instance this current trip of mine will be “Disney Trip 2019”. If I can’t remember what goes with what, all I have to do is open up the album on my phone and voila!

3. Pack precisely and stay organized

I like to organize my suitcase in a way that my comfy clothes are on one side and my main outfits for the day are on the other. All of my shoes I (try) to keep them in the zip pouch of my suitcase. If I have a hat then I will try to put it in the middle so that it does not get smushed in the travel process lol. I try to stay as organized as possible when putting items in my bag. Athletic wear I usually roll up so that my tops don’t get as wrinkled.

Hope these help! Like I said, these are just a few tips I have noticed that have created a great difference in my packing habits. If you guys have any other tips I would love to hear them! Comment Below.



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