Holiday Gift Guides 2018

Shoes / Jeans / Faux Fur Coat

Can you believe it’s already November? Time to get into the holiday spirit for Christmas music and gift guides. Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I love shopping and wrapping gifts for others, and seeing their expression on their face when they get to open presents. I’m one of those people who start back in July so that I’m not overloaded when the season comes around. But I somehow always manage to save room for good deals. The smell of honey roasted pecans and the joy of Christmas lights always bring so much cheer into my life this time around. My faux fur coat above is under $35 and it’s the perfect layer for winter to keep you cozy & warm. Let’s not forget about my favorite pair of jeans from Express that are buy one get one for $29.90 ! Express has some of the best jeans and I can’t wait until I find out their Black Friday & cyber Monday deals.

So let’s start early and start shopping! From your requests, I’ve created his & her gift guides for this holiday season. Throughout the months I’ll be sharing different ones with different price points etc. I hope they help and are enjoyable to you all. Lets be real…. We all know how hard it is to shop for guys… Lol.

1.  Pom pom beanie

2. Chenille head band

3. Multi color earrings

4. Fur Birkenstocks

5. Sunglasses

6. Naked eyeshadow palette

7. Chenille grey pullover

8. Cozy socks

9. Champagne glasses

10. Pink scarf 

11. Pink vest

12. Steve Madden sneakers

13. Chenille sweater

14. Marc Jacobs crossbody

  1. Wallet
  2. Cologne
  3. Iphone Case
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Calvin Klein
  6. Adidas Sneakers
  7. Beanie
  8. Drill
  9. Patagonia Pullover
  10. Cole Haan
  11. Apple Watch
  12. Adidas Pants
  13. Lowes Giftcard






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