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Good Afternoon friends!

It’s been a minute. First off, let’s just start off by saying WOOOOO WHOOOOOO! I just finished my first semester of senior year. One more to go! School has been super hard the last few months with constant studying, work, and trying to keep up with my blog.  A few weeks ago I decided to quit working so I could focus more on school and just take a breather. While school is my number one priority until I graduate, I also plan to put a lot of my time into @trendykenziee on Instagram and with regular blog posts during the week. When I started blogging, I would have never known how much you can get out of it and little did I know YOU CAN turn it into a job. I almost cried last night because I received my first payout on LikeToKnowIt (you have to hit a certain amount before they payout). For those of you who don’t know what that is , it’s the commission based system for bloggers. Everything I post I use a link. That link then generates to the website I purchased it from and if someone wants to purchase, I then make commission off of what they buy. That’s how we as bloggers make an income! Campaigns and ads are other ways etc. I was just super excited to hit that milestone of mine. Yes the $ is great and all but seeing how much progress you’ve made developing your own personal brand and the fact the others like it is the most rewarding part.

I’ve gained so many “blogging friends” over the last year, one being my blogger bestie Sidney Duke. We always text back and forth our pictures and support each other throughout the week. It’s SO MUCH fUN. I think some people have a misconception about blogging. It’s not just about blowing up someones feed of the next trend or girls just trying to sell you a product. It’s an everyday lifestyle, a new generation to interact with people online, basically to sum it up a support system.

Enough of that mushy gushy. I figured I would give you guys a little insight on what is going on within my life lol. Time for some cute outfit deets. Lately, I have been so obsessed with the EXPRESS holiday sweaters and accessories. I have been in this chenille sweater non stop & let’s not forget about my favorite fur boots.Like I have said in previous posts, chenille has been my favorite material this season & lucky for you this babe is under $30 (also comes in 4 other colors)!Linking my favorite fur boots here as well. Tis the holiday season with all of these cute pieces! ahh


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