First Trimester Recap

Happy Sunday! Hope you all had a beautiful weekend. The weather here has been absolutely amazing and satisfying to this pregnant mama! As of yesterday I’m officially out of my first trimester with Baby Linn. It’s still so unreal how fast time is flying and how much my body has already changed. My pregnancy so far has been a little tough with symptoms and going through constant change. I’ve had to remind myself every day that this body of mine is growing a little human & to give myself a break. <– Just a little reminder for all you mamas! Today I wanted chat about what I’ve experienced so far as a new mama-to-be from the first few weeks of my pregnancy and a few things that helped relieve some of my symptoms.

what I have experienced so far

week 1-4 : barely any symptoms, end of week 3 I started to feel exhausted

week 4-7 : constant exhaustion & tiredness, food cravings, light cramping, bloating, feeling super chilly all of the time, sore boobs, frequent trips to pee

week 7-11 : nausea, morning sickness, little appetite, food aversions, exhaustion, tiredness, bloating, fast heart rate, sore boobs, indigestion, food aversions, little appetite, only wanted bland foods ( basically these were the WORST weeks lol ).

week 11-14 : gaining my energy back, nausea and morning sickness subsiding, food aversions, still no cravings except chocolate, headaches occasionally, heightened smell

here are a few products that helped me with my first trimester!

  • pregnancy pillow from amazon: let me tell you guys how much this has helped me sleep at night. I use my normal pillow to sleep on but I turn the pregnancy pillow around to mainly use it for leg comfort.
  • pregnancy flakes from amazon: taking baths in the morning has helped subside my nausea and get ready for the day. I went through a bag super quick b/c they made me fell so much better! A really neat thing about the brand too is that they pray over each item that’s purchased.
  • palmers stretch mark cream: I started this super early and continue to every day to prevent stretch marks and it gives your belly a great soft feel after application (really amazing ratings as well).
  • bubba water bottle from target: a huge water bottle was the first item I purchased because I knew drinking water was a must and a lot more of it during pregnancy! I’ve been able to stay super hydrated and will pop a few lemons in my drink majority of the time.
  • preggie pop drops: nausea relief 100%. sour candies are known to help with nausea and this brand tops it off with some of my favorite tasting candies!
  • prenatals from target: I went through a few before I found ones I really liked and the target brand has been my favorite and let’s not forget they are super affordable. I take the regular prenatal + DHA supplement every night before bed.
  • bum bum cream: saved the best for last. a little splurge for lotion, but this product is similar to palmers. it smells like the beach & also helps tighten skin for your tummy legs etc. I ran out and am looking forward to ordering more!

hope you all enjoyed my firs trimester recap! feel free to comment any questions you may have.



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