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Hey friends. Makenzie here but you can call me Kenzie. I have been procrastinating for months on starting a fashion blog. It all started when I was down in Florida this summer for an internship for “Live well 30A”.. best summer of my life but I will save that for another time. My friend Emma and I had the chance to meet so many different people and always came across fashionistas while working. We would ask “Oh my goodness, where did you get that top?” or “What store is that from?”. I guess you could say we had major shopping problems….wait we still do. Anyway, one day Emma introduced me to a fashion blogger on Instagram. Her name is Dede Raad also known as “Dressupbuttercup”. I completely became involve with all of her fashion posts and honestly that has truly inspired me to start my own.

I have always loved anything fashion ever since I was a little girl to shopping, drawing sketches, sewing clothes. I would always be the friend to say “Hey, want to go to the mall” even if I didn’t have any money, I just wanted to look at new arrivals . If you asked my mom she would tell you all about my obsession for cute clothes and makeup. I figured my love for fashion and writing would fit perfectly for a blog. I look forward to blogging for you guys!

Yours Truly,

Kenzie Wheeler (Trendy Kenzie)