Decorating for Fall : Entryway Table

Good evening friends,

Our entryway table has been decorated for the upcoming fall season..for about two weeks now. I can no longer take the anticipation of sharing with you all! I know it’s so early but I’m the type of girl to put all decor out 2 months in advance to get a full use out of everything. Fall is my favorite season and there’s nothing I love more than the smell of a fall candle & taste of a pumpkin spiced latte. YES I’M BASIC lol.

Where I shop for Fall decor:

This year my color palette consists of a bunch of neutrals : creams, browns, whites & rustic oranges with a pop of pink. Majority of decor was purchased from Kirklands but I ended up grabbing a couple candle holders from Target & a few pumpkins for Hobby Lobby. When HL first started putting out Fall decor on their shelves, I immediately saw a couple pink velvet pumpkins that I fell in love with. I waited a few weeks to go back and get them & when I did they only had three left. So guess what I purchased that day? The last 3 pink velvet pumpkins.

Most of the items are linkable so I will put them down below for y’all!

  1. White Vase
  2. Pampass Grass
  3. Candle Holder
  4. Pink Pumpkins
  5. Leaf Garland – found at hobby lobby!
  6. October Sign
  7. Beaded Garland
  8. Other Pumpkins
  9. Pom Pom Blanket
  10. Fall Pillow
  11. Wicker Basket

I wish you guys the best Fall season and stick around for more home content!



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