Bridal Shower Invitations

Hey Friends! It’s been a crazy past few days with all of the hurricane chaos but Justin & I are thankfully back at home with no water damage. Last weekend my bridal shower was held in my hometown Memphis, Tennessee. It was such a good time seeing everyone & being able to have a few laughs & mimosas. Tomorrow’s blog post will be all of the details, but for now I wanted to share with you the invitations for my bridal shower.

Did you guys know purchasing templates off Etsy is a new invitation trend? You can purchase any template you want & customize it your way with websites like The Basic Invite. All you have to do is purchase & download your template from etsy, customize, and create the invites through the basic invite website. It’s sooooo easy!

My bridal shower palette was filled with a bunch of neutrals + a pop of pink. It was definitely all of my “boho” dreams come true. This invitation is my whole aesthetic! I’m obsessed with the pampass grass + fonts. Obviously, there is an rsvp email + phone number space available but I took it off for privacy reasons! Linking it HERE.

Hope you guys enjoyed! I will be posting all details about my bridal shower tomorrow.



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