Backyard Fun Series

Happy Thursday Friends!

I am starting a new series called “Kenzie’s Backyard”. I will be adding a fun item each week to my backyard while we are all staying at home to hopefully bring joy in this time of uncertainty! I ordered a mini pink pool from Target a couple weeks ago to add a little fun to our “stay at home” journey. For the last few weeks, I’ve had to get more creative than ever and honestly I am so thankful for that. Since traveling has come to a halt in our lives, I’ve had to become more creative at bringing the beach and tropical feel to us. Justin and I can actually walk to the beach from our house which I am super grateful for, but as of right now we can only exercise along the bike path.

This week I added a fun unicorn float to my mini pool that was only $25. Even though it barely fits, I’ll have to manage lol. After doing my research, Target has some amazing/affordable pools & floats to spice up your backyard. I will be linking them below along with a few other favorites of mine from other retailers.

Click HERE for all finds

Love all of you & stay tuned for next weeks backyard find!



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