A Letter For The Bride-To Be

Happy Wedding Wednesday! Planning a wedding can be extremely fun but so overwhelming at the same time. Everyone talks about the decor, fun, entertainment, getting your dream dress, etc. But people rarely talk about the feelings the bride experiences through this process so I wanted to chat a little bit.

Choosing your bridal party – I’ve truly been blessed to have so many amazing people in my life over the years that I could consider some of my best friends. This process was extremely hard for me but in the end I am happy with my decision of nine beautiful, caring ladies standing by me on my special day. From my experience choosing can be difficult but you need to evaluate the friendship before jumping to conclusions & asking (not based on the past but currently). You may feel obligated to not leave anyone out or hurt anyones feelings but this is YOUR WEDDING, YOUR CHOICE, and most people will respect that.

Not falling into peer pressure – Okay brides, every has an opinion about something and some people will always disagree with you. Not everyone has the same taste or ideas as you & that’s perfectly okay! There are some things you will have to compromise on but don’t let anyone influence your dreams or decisions. This is YOU AND YOUR GROOMS DAY. As long as it fits in your budget, the decision is yours! You don’t want to look back years from now & regret not doing what you had in mind.

Stop stressing – There will be things that tend to happen over your engagement & sometimes you can’t control. Maybe someone who you thought would be in your wedding isn’t going to be anymore? Maybe you are overwhelmed with every detail of wedding planning? Whatever it is, what is meant to be will be. In the end, this is about you and your groom celebrating with loved ones who cherish and support every ounce of your relationship. Everything will work out in the end & even though our wedding is not until October, I know it will be the best day of my life.

Here are a few items I’m loving also for the Bride-To-Be

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for more exciting wedding content next Wednesday!



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