30A Bachelorette Weekend Recap

White Swim // Sash // White Veil

I’m so excited to share all of the details of my bachelorette party this past weekend on 30A. First, I want to thank all of my sweet friends for showing me so much love & being with me during such a special time! This past year has been filled with so much craziness so it was good for everyone to get away for a bit. The house we rented was located in Seagrove on 30A within walking distance to the beach and a close drive to majority of restaurants (linked here). One of my favorite aspects of the house was the private pool & the hugeeee kitchen (perfect for all of the floats & us girls to hangout during the day).

Friday evening all of the girls arrived at the Pearl in Rosemary Beach for drinks and a couple appetizers while the other three decorated the house! We weren’t allowed to go until they were finished obviously but managed to make time go by fast ;). Once I arrived, I was soooo excited to see everything. My girls sure went all out and made me feel like the luckiest bride in the world! They laid out goodie bags for all of the girls including my mom & aunt with matching swimsuits, wine glasses, chapsticks, coozies, & t-shirts. They made a special spot for mine as well and SPOILED THE MESS OUT OF ME YA’LL. After everyone got settled in, we changed into our matching pajamas & played a couple games including a lingerie shower where I had to guess who bought each gift. Let’s just say I was the worst at it lol. The rest of the night we devoured into the sweet bar with cookies, champagne, and cupcakes.


Saturday morning everyone got ready to go out on the boat for the day to Crab Island. At 8:00 am my friends told me I had to go hide in a room because I had ANOTHER SURPRISE lol. As soon as they told me to come out, I walked outside to a party bus blaring Fergie & they had placed props on a stick with Justin/both of my dogs faces on the seats with flashing rings. The ride to Destin was SO FUN, we definitely jammed out to the max (pretty sure that’s why my voice is gone hahah). Little did we know the boat would get canceled for the day due to rain..BUT we ended up going back to the house, waited for it to clear up & hopped into the pool for the rest of the afternoon. Nothing was going to rain on our parade.

Babe Tees

Around 7pm we went to dinner at Surfing Deer, one of my favorite dinner spots on 30A. They have some of the best entrees & specialty drinks. Saturday night was “PINK NIGHT” so all of the girls had on a shade of pink while I was in white and it ended up making the cutest photos! Dinner was SO YUMMY. We ended the night hanging out, talking, and of course eating sweets again at the house hehe.

Sunday morning all of the girls got up & headed straight to Seaside for brunch at Bud & Alley’s. We drank a few mimosas, shopped around, and then headed back to the house to change into our swimsuits for a beach day! It ended up being the perfect weather compared to the day before and that’s exactly what I wanted! My aunt made us the CUTEST pink drinks with strawberries to take to the beach and they were DELICIOUS. It felt so good just to hangout on our beach towels/chairs, soak up the sun, and have some girl time. That night after getting ready, we ended up going to Great Southern in Seaside and grabbing ice cream afterwards. By this time, we were exhausted and ready to go to bed!

one pieces // hats // swim coverups

It was one of the best weekends ever & I won’t ever be able to forget it. Thanks to all my girls for being so loving, kind, and selfless!

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