Boot season is here!


Outfit:  Boots: Jessica Simpson  Jeans : Hudson Shirt : Sold Out  Earrings: Anna & Ava

        This was one of my favorite shoots ever. My friend Brooklyn and I decided to go adventuring the other day and came across the cutest photo opportunities. The weather is finally starting to get cold here in Mississippi and that means boot season is here my ladies! My obsession for Tall boots continues. They have personally been my favorite type of boot this season, specifically suede. This pair I am wearing is Jessica Simpson and I actually bought them for only $40. I love great deals on boots!

I have also been a big fan of embroidered tops lately. Goodnight Macaroon has a few and you will occasionally see some in pop up shops around town.

Happy Thursday loves! I hope everyone has a great weekend. Looking forward to the future halloween posts.

-Trendy Kenzie

Tassels & Pom-Poms





Hello Lovelies!

I wanted to share this super adorable necklace with you guys. I have a crazy obsession for anything with tassels or pom-poms on it. I saw this at Francesca’s one day and I HAD to have it. They have great quality jewelry with an amazing price. Usually they will have buy one get one 50% off sales and that is the perfect time to get your jewelry. I love the tassel and pom pom theme because it adds just the right of personality to every outfit.

Jean jackets are a new fav of mine and in this post I paired it with this super soft sweater dress I got from a little boutique in Memphis,TN called the Paisley Rooster. I wear this a lot when I am going out for a night or make it casual and throw on a scarf during the day.

Oh and I cannot forget… A FLOPPY HAT is a great add on to your everyday wear even if you are having a bad hair day. I mean, who doesn’t love hats?!

-Trendy Kenzie


Who doesn’t love Coffee?


I am a coffee fanatic and of course I had to get a picture in front of this cute mural. You guys are not going to believe how much I got this for. I was on the coast this summer in Biloxi and I went to the mall during tax free weekend. I walked into Bella Rose Boutique and found this dress for $5… can you BELIEVE THAT? They had a huge rack full of stuff and I probably walked out of there with 6-7 good finds. You will find the CUTEST clothes while shopping in there, so if you ever get the chance..GO!

My shoes you can find at Nordstrom, specifically Kristen Cavallari. I love the suede feeling and they are super comfortable to walk in which I know as girls we always have that problem.

Everyone have a good Tuesday !

Lots of Love,

Trendy Kenzie



Hey guys , I just wanted to share with you this fall look from Saturday! I adore this leather skirt from Free People for $78. This rustic color can be worn with basically anything neutral or floral top of your choice. As you have noticed, I wear the color cream a lot. I found this sweater at Express and OMG .. it is Super Soft. I recommend finding some of your sweaters from there because they are made very well and are not that expensive.In fact I found this sweater for $19.95.

I need to go bootie shopping soon but these will do for now! I found these at Dillard’s and  they have a great variety of shoe shopping . My favorite brands have been Steve Madden, Jessica Simpson, and Giani Bini.

Now I always love to throw on some jewelry with my outfit. This is a Micheal Kors watch that my grandparents gave me and I wear it ALL THE TIME! A watch is always a good necessity with any outfit .

Goodbye for now,

Trendy Kenzie

Fall Essentials

This outfit is honestly one of my favorites. The green jacket is definitely a fall essential. You can wear it with anything and it adds a perfect touch of color. You can find one of these at mostly any department store. I found this one specifically at Express for $36.00.

I wear these jeans all the time. They are probably the most comfortable jeans I have ever owned. I highly recommend American Eagle for your jean selection. This specific pair is the boyfriend jean (THEY DO RUN A LITTLE BIG). You can go from casual to fancy with these in one day. They run around $49.95-$59.95.

Im wearing Kristen Cavallari wedges from Nordstrom . Her shoe collection is SUPER cute and comfortable . You can find her shoes on sale sometimes on the website. These were 40% off, so I ended up paying around $79, but it was the BEST $79 dollars I ever spent.

Lastly, my clutch was a bargain. I was walking around OLD NAVY and came to find this perfect color purse. I was needing something to just carry when I did not want to drag my purse around and it ended up being only $4!!!

Stay tuned for more,

Trendy Kenzie



Fall Essentials

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Hey guys,

For my first Fall blog outfit I would like to share with you my favorite piece which is the free people dahlia top. They have it online in many different colors and you can find it cheaper on for $51 instead of $68 as of right now. This is an essential for fall and you can dress it up plenty of ways.

Tassel earrings are my absolute FAVORITE new trend. I am obsessed. I feel like I can express my fun personality in these. Express had them 40% off of $28 last weekend & thanks to my lovely boyfriend for buying them for me.

Now my Tory Burch is my new go to bag. You can go online and find it in two different sizes ( the small & large). Definitely a great investment and you can fit everything in it.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons & I can’t wait to share more essentials with you all!

Much love,

Trendy Kenzie

Meet your blogger

blog pic

Hey friends. Makenzie here but you can call me Kenzie. I have been procrastinating for months on starting a fashion blog. It all started when I was down in Florida this summer for an internship for “Live well 30A”.. best summer of my life but I will save that for another time. My friend Emma and I had the chance to meet so many different people and always came across fashionistas while working. We would ask “Oh my goodness, where did you get that top?” or “What store is that from?”. I guess you could say we had major shopping problems….wait we still do. Anyway, one day Emma introduced me to a fashion blogger on Instagram. Her name is Dede Raad also known as “Dressupbuttercup”. I completely became involve with all of her fashion posts and honestly that has truly inspired me to start my own.

I have always loved anything fashion ever since I was a little girl to shopping, drawing sketches, sewing clothes. I would always be the friend to say “Hey, want to go to the mall” even if I didn’t have any money, I just wanted to look at new arrivals . If you asked my mom she would tell you all about my obsession for cute clothes and makeup. I figured my love for fashion and writing would fit perfectly for a blog. I look forward to blogging for you guys!

Yours Truly,

Kenzie Wheeler (Trendy Kenzie)