Latest add-in to my skincare routine

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Good evening guys!

Today I wanted to give you all a little insight on a new product that I have incorporated into my weekly skin-care routine. Meet the VIIcode Oxygen Mask. I can go on & on about how many eye masks I have tried to reduce wrinkles and enhance brightness under my eyes. A lot of them do not work whatsoever and never seem to stay in place during the application process. Recently, I gave it another shot with the brand VIIcode. This was totally worth it. Not only did the oxygen mask deliver amazing results, but they had me feeling awake and refreshed every morning. 

What the box comes with:

The box comes with 6 treatment packages which are individually wrapped for your best convenience. You can use 3 treatments per week which will last you two weeks. 

My experience:

After my first use of them, my eyes felt so great! For best results, I use them overnight 3 times per week. You can leave them on for up to 8 hours so night time works best for me. In the mornings, I always wake up with puffiness under my eyes making me look super tired. As soon as I started using the oxygen masks, I felt like I did not have to turn to coffee every morning and could actually feel hydrated under my eyes and wide awake. After months of searching, I finally found something that fits my needs!

Interested? Lucky day for you!

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